Streamlined FTTH Construction, Utilities Locating, Mapping, Maintenance Processes and Services in a modern, efficient way.
INTUS is installing and splicing fiber optic cable into a variety of commercial and residential buildings in Calgary and Vancouver on behalf of major clients. We are also providing complete turn-key fiber optic design, installation, and as-built services for carriers nationally.

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Corporate Vision

  • Export the Experience and Knowledge of the North American utilities to the World through streamlined services
  • Become a high quality and very professional integrated service provider to the world utilities industry in order to fulfill current and upcoming service needs in the global utilities market
  • Expand the current INTUS level of professionalism of services and Quality Assurance in other sectors of the utilities industry
  • Provide new and innovative solutions and technologies to improve efficiency and cost management for the utilities industry
  • Provide services for long-term utility contracts (outsourced utility services)
  • provide floating services on short-term to utilities (pick and shave) to support them during overloaded periods on regional basis
  • become a utility partner for up-scaling existing contractors in order to improve safety and cost management of services using advanced technologies such as GPS mapping, Utility Locating and Hydrovacing

Business Development Strategy

  • Use our unique innovative skills and R&D to resolve outstanding utility issues.
  • Joint venture with well established utility contractors that can effectively use and market the solutions / services nationwide such as detection and mapping sewer laterals using innovative geophysical techniques across their service territories, and mapping utilities infrastructure and engineering projects.
  • Co-develop innovative technologies with prestigious institutions such as the Innovation Center for the Port of Savannah and the Georgia Tech. Electronic Design Center.
  • Acquire smaller contractors that lack these technological elements and capabilities and upgrade them in order to provide the services required nationwide.

Technology Business Differentiator

  • Provide the latest technologies and innovations to the utilities not as a cost item but as part of services provided
  • Use the technological advantage in order to reduce service operating costs and utility administration costs
  • Take advantage of fully capitalized innovative technology provided by ID Technologies along with fixed cost technology support to create a competitive business edge in the world markets
  • Use the various wireless technologies and the “UtilityOffice” proprietary Asset Management technologies to provide utilities with a continuous and streamlined “Add-on value” from all provided services
  • Use advanced technology in order to improve safety maintain continuity of utility services and mitigate risk of operations for the utilities

Our Clients

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