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Municipal Services

INTUS provides clients the ability to manage their assets with ease and integrity.

Municipal Solutions

About Municipal

INTUS Municipal Services INC (”IMS”), is an applied technologies Systems and Services provider. IMS services municipal infrastructure (Street Lights, Water and Sewer) and municipal utilities (Gas and Hydro), by using high-efficiency technologies and systems.

INTUS Municipal Services INTUS is proud to offer all its core services to municipalities. INTUS has further implemented a variety of software add-ons and services that are solely for Municipal Sectors. Our most notable are Sewer Safety Inspections and Smart Light Management. Municipal Solutions



As-Built Integration & GIS Hosting

INTUS offers its proprietary GIS engine ESDN to municipalities for all their integration needs. ESDN allows for legacy infrastructure data integration, as-built indexing and integration, and makes locating and mapping a one step process. *Note* All file formats are Esri compatible.

Emergency Response & AR

The “AMSER” (Asset Management Safety and Emergency Response) System, gathers, organizes, dynamically updates and makes all crucial data instantly available to management and emergency response teams during a disastrous event. AMSER consists of a cluster of synergetic technologies and tools which facilitate safe emergency response and damage prevention, during natural or human-induced disasters.

Geophysical & Environmental Services

For any surveying needs that a municipality might have, INTUS can provide them with experienced and rigours geophysical and environmental services. INTUS can conduct a variety of surveys such as: Electromagnetic Surveys, GPR Surveys, Electrical Resistivity Surveys, Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), and Seismic refraction surveys.

Municipal Utility Locating

INTUS provides infrastructure verification services for all underground buried networks. Through the use of cutting-edge locating technologies, INTUS ensures that nothing is missed and that each reading is extremely accurate. INTUS can also conduct Field Inspections & Damage Investigations.

Streetlight Mapping & Maintenance

INTUS provides municipalities the opportunity to map and manage all street light assets. Through our GPS mapping services, INTUS is able present municipal infrastructure on GIS. This allows for fast tracked asset management and maintenance.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

INTUS has the capacity to engineer network designs for all types of municipal projects. INTUS can create 3D visualizations of networks while pointing exact conflict delineations. Our engineered deliverable can be used for infrastructure asset management and emergency response.

Sewer Inspections & Mapping

Sewer Safety Inspections (SSI) are offered to municipal clients who need help with sewer mapping and/or investigations. INTUS offers sewer, manhole video inspections, and cross-bore sewer safety inspection through laterals. INTUS has the capacity to map sewer lines via inertia navigation.

Permitting & One Call Services

INTUS has developed technologies and techniques that significantly expedite and simplify permitting processes. The result is a significant cost reduction for infrastructure owners and reduced administration costs & delays.

Municipal Network Management

Municipalities are able utilize INTUS’ Multi-use Geospatial Sensor Management System. This system is called ‘Phosphorus’ and has a wide usability for municipalities. Each remote sensor can be integrated into a GIS platform allowing for expedited repairs and constant asset management.

Municipal Asset Management

INTUS provides municipalities with a plethora of asset management opportunities. INTUS offers: Inventory Management, HR Management, Municipal Work Order Management, Mobile Fleet Management, Infrastructure Asset Management, Waste Management, Clearing Center (Permitting), Web-GIS, and Emergency Response.

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