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Hermes Technical Services

Discover HTS – A Vital Member of the INTUS Family, Pioneering Specialized Technical Services.

Synergy in Service

The HTS and
INTUS Partnership

At INTUS, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of services and expertise, a philosophy embodied by our partnership with Hermes Technical Services (HTS). HTS, a key component of the INTUS group, specializes in niche technical services that complement and enhance our broad spectrum of telecommunications projects.

This collaboration ensures that while INTUS lays the groundwork for expansive network infrastructures, HTS fine-tunes the details, providing specialized services that ensure efficiency, reliability, and the highest quality standards.

Why Choose HTS

Distinctive Features
of Our Services

Discover the unique aspects that set HTS apart in the field of technical services. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in each specialized feature we offer, ensuring unparalleled quality and innovation in every project.

Jetting Technology

Streamlined and precise fiber installations

24/7 Emergency Response

Rapid, reliable solutions

Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability at our core



Jetting Installation

HTS offers advanced jetting installations for fiber optic cables independently, providing these services with or without the involvement of INTUS. This service showcases our expertise in minimizing environmental impact and aligns with INTUS’ commitment to sustainable and efficient infrastructure solutions.

Fiber Splicing and Termination

HTS specializes in fiber splicing and termination, offering these services collaboratively or independently of any INTUS project involvement. Our precision-driven approach underlines our shared vision with INTUS of providing reliable, high-performance communication solutions.

Site Clean-Up

HTS independently prioritizes comprehensive site clean-up post-construction, maintaining high environmental standards irrespective of INTUS’s involvement in the construction process. Our meticulous approach to restoring sites emphasizes our shared responsibility towards sustainable practices and respect for community spaces.

Construction Engineering

HTS provides expert construction engineering services, upholding high standards in both collaborative projects with INTUS and independent contracts. Our focus on detail-oriented project execution and innovative engineering solutions contributes significantly to the successful delivery of large-scale telecommunication projects for both INTUS and clients.

Emergency Network Repair

HTS provides rapid and responsive emergency network repair services, available collaboratively or independently of any INTUS network projects. Our readiness to address urgent network issues reflects our joint dedication to maintaining continuous network integrity and reliability.

MDU Installation

HTS specializes in MDU installation services, offering these as standalone services or as a complement to INTUS’ telecommunication projects. Our expertise in this area demonstrates our adaptability and commitment to delivering customized, high-quality connectivity solutions in multi-dwelling environments.


HTS offers comprehensive maintenance services for long-term network performance, independently or in conjunction with INTUS group projects. Our proactive approach ensures the longevity and reliability of network infrastructures, reflecting our shared focus on sustainable and uninterrupted connectivity solutions.

Network Design and Permitting

HTS offers specialized network design and permitting services, available for both independent contracts and projects undertaken with INTUS. Our strategic planning and proficiency in navigating regulatory landscapes ensure that every project we undertake is not only innovative but also compliant and efficiently executed.

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