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Providing integrated services and solutions for utilities, telecommunications and infrastructure.

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INTUS GROUP possess a number of companies that specialize and provide services for specific industries.

About Us
About Us

Integrated Solutions

INTUS is a professional integrated service provider for the world of utilities, telecommunications and infrastructure industries. Throughout the years servicing these industries, INTUS has provided inventive solutions and technologies to improve efficiency and cost management. Through its companies and partnerships, INTUS has become an industry leader, creating an impressive professional network and long-lasting client relationships through their turn-key processes and offerings.

Quality Control

INTUS believes that vigilance, safety, and quality is of the utmost importance. We make sure all client work is conducted through a rigorous quality control cycle.

Award Winning Service

INTUS have been presented multiple awards for excellence in service. This recognition is a driving force of what makes INTUS an industry leader.

Proprietary Technologies

INTUS with its affiliates have developed ground breaking technologies & systems. INTUS has developed GIS, project management, monitoring solutions and much more.


INTUS is a current subscriber and member of multiple safety and integrity associations. INTUS also possesses multiple certifications, ensuring best practices.

Skilled Team

INTUS possesses a highly skilled team full of professionals who have years of experience. INTUS' team has the best possible training, making sure all work is carried out properly.

Environmental Protection

INTUS has developed processes to maintain environmental safety. Through each service, INUTS makes sure that the environment is always a top priority.

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Our Mission

Total Integration

INTUS Group of Companies strives to provide streamlined FTTH Construction, Utilities Locating, Mapping, Maintenance Processes and Services in a modern, efficient way.

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